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Sick or injured animals


  • Australian bat lyssavirus and Hendra virus
    These two viruses are carried by flying-foxes. However, transmission to humans is extremely rare. Learn about the best prevention methods.
  • Frog Chytrid fungus
    This is a deadly frog disease, which humans may help to spread. Learn how to spot a sick frog, and take precautions against the fungus.
  • Necrotizing enteritis
    This disease affects parrots, and is associated with poor hygene and artificial diets. Learn how to stop the spread of this disease in lorikeets.
  • Psittacine circoviral (beak and feather) disease
    The NSW Scientific Committee has declared psittacine circoviral (beak and feather) disease to be a 'key threatening process' in NSW. See its reasons for making this declaration.
Page last updated: 18 September 2015