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Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) have been established across New South Wales to ensure that regional communities have a say in how natural resources are managed in their catchments.

Thirteen CMAs are working with farmers, LandCare and other local groups, Aboriginal communities, local government, industry and state agencies to respond to the key natural resource management (NRM) issues facing their catchments.

The Catchment Management Act 2003 is administered by the Minister for Primary Industries

With direction from a Board of local community members, CMAs have prepared and are reviewing and upgrading their Catchment Action Plans (CAPs). This is a plan that outlines the shared vision for the sustainable management of the Catchment's natural resources. State and federal funding are supporting projects and activities which help communities restore and improve the natural resources in their catchments.

All this work contributes to achievement of Priority E4 of the NSW State Plan, which aims to better protect and restore the state's native vegetation and biodiversity, land, rivers and coastal waterways. Healthy and resilient natural resources and systems are the basis of our primary industries, and tourism and recreation activities, as well as providing habitat for our unique native flora and fauna.

CMAs are a tangible demonstration of the NSW Government's ongoing commitment to practical implementation of this important State Plan priority.

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The NSW Department of Primary Industries, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and other NSW natural resource agencies provide CMAs with advice, information, scientific expertise and technical assistance in developing and delivering their CAPs. For more information see

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