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Evaluation framework for CMA natural resource management

Catchment Management Authorities in NSW are required to report regularly on their progress in achieving the natural resource management targets set out in their Catchment Action Plans (CAPs).

In 2005, the chairs of the CMAs agreed on the need for a common approach to help CMAs meet their evaluation and reporting obligations. This evaluation framework is the result.

The framework has been developed by the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) working with CMAs, other state and federal agencies, and key stakeholders.

The framework allows CMAs to appraise their natural resource management (NRM) projects and programs using different sources of information. It provides advice and tools for undertaking evaluations and is easily adapted to meet a range of CMA evaluation requirements.

CMAs can apply the framework to evaluations of both large-scale programs and small projects. A strong focus of the framework is the use of evaluation information to improve CMA resource management practices and investment in the future.

Evaluation framework map

Background to evaluation for CMAs

About the evaluation framework (0944aboutevalfwork.pdf; 79 KB)

  • What is evaluation?
  • What’s in the evaluation framework and how should CMAs apply it?
  • Principles to guide sound evaluation

Evaluation context (0945evalcontext.pdf; 177 KB)

  • Defining an evaluation’s terms of reference
  • Understanding what is driving the evaluation requirements
  • Determining stakeholder needs
  • Defining the type(s) of evaluation to be undertaken
  • Using the logical framework approach

Evaluation design (0946evaldesign.pdf; 76 KB)

  • Design criteria for evaluations
  • Information requirements including using multiple lines and levels of evidence
  • Identifying performance measures
  • Using an evaluation panel
  • Developing an evaluation plan

Developing and sharing information (0947devshareinfo.pdf; 78 KB)

  • Analysing information to meet evaluation requirements
  • Role of adaptive management in improving future NRM performance
  • Reporting requirements for CMAs
  • State-scale NRM reporting
  • Learning from evaluations

Page last updated: 27 February 2011