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Template: Recording assessment using MLLE criteria

The use of multiple lines and levels of evidence (MLLE) enables diverse lines of evidence to be assessed together and weighted against specific criteria to answer evaluation questions.

Recording assessment using MLLE criteria template (0977assessmentMLLEcriteria.doc; 51 KB)

Note: The attached template file is in Word format. Click on the link to view the document on screen. To download it, right click on the link and select 'Save target as'. 

Using the template

This template has been developed to record all the lines of evidence available for each evaluation question.

Each line of evidence is assessed against each criterion and a summary recorded in the appropriate column.

Assessment of evidence against the MLLE criteria will be most useful in undertaking an effectiveness evaluation and especially where the resource interactions are complex and there are conflicting sources of evidence. As such, the use of an evaluation panel of experts in the field of the evaluation is recommended.

The use of an expert evaluation panel will facilitate clear assessment and combination of findings to develop an informed answer to the evaluation question.

The following criteria/questions should be considered:

  • Is the evidence relevant to the issue? Is this evidence expected to be in the study area?
  • Is there a reliable explanation for the evidence in the study area?
  • Is this evidence restricted to particular spatial or temporal situations? Is there evidence of a relationship (spatial or temporal) between the activity and the response to that activity?
  • Does the expected response always occur in the presence of the activity? Is the response always evident after the activity occurs?
  • Are there consistent findings across different lines of evidence? Is there a credible linkage between intervention and response? A clear relationship between the activity and the response would be expected where the investment was based on a conceptual model of the system. Consistency of association between the activity and the response is observed where testing the evidence against all the criteria provides positive findings.
  • Is there any other evidence that should be considered? Determine whether there is evidence from other investments or management activities in which the expected change occurred after the activity. Determine whether there is any basis for including additional assessment criteria. Consider where appropriate.

When all lines of evidence have been assessed against the MLLE criteria, the combined assessment should be considered and an answer to the evaluation question determined. Document the logical development of the findings at the bottom of the template.

Page last updated: 27 February 2011