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Presentations to the Heritage Council

The Heritage Council hears presentations by owners, applicants, heritage groups, local councils and community organisations.

Presentations are often made when:

  • a heritage assessment or conservation management plan is being discussed;
  • the report prepared by the Heritage Branch recommends refusal;
  • the Heritage Branch's report contains a recommendation which is not supported by the owner, applicant or interested party.
If you would like to request an opportunity to make a presentation to the Heritage Council about an upcoming item, contact the Heritage Branch well ahead of the meeting. Presentations are normally ten minutes long and the Heritage Branch can advise on content. Graphic material is also very helpful in any presentation, particularly in regard to potential changes to listed heritage items.

For more detailed information download the brochure Presentations to the Heritage Council (hcpresentations.pdf, 369KB).

Page last updated: 01 September 2012