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Comment on proposed listings

The State Heritage Register continues to grow as new items are identified and assessed. The Heritage Division is working with community organisations, local councils and other State agencies to develop a comprehensive register that reflects the shared history of everyone who makes up our diverse State.

Have your say

Everyone has the opportunity to comment on whether a place or object should be listed on the State Heritage Register. When an item is proposed for listing, the Heritage Council publishes notices in local media and invites the owners, occupiers, local council and any interested members of the public to write a submission.

Steps to take when making a submission

  1. Select the Nominations link (above) to view proposed listings and the final closing date for submissions.
  2. Click on the name of the item to view further information about its history and heritage significance held on the online heritage database of the Heritage Division.
  3. Download a copy of the Criteria for listing outlining the different ways an item might be significant or important. The Heritage Council will use this criteria to make its decision.
  4. View information on heritage listing to find out how new items are added to the State Heritage Register and to find out about the benefits of listing.
  5. Send your written submission before the closing date to:


    The Heritage Council of New South Wales
    Locked Bag 5020
    Parramatta NSW 2124


What kind of information should you include in your submission?

The Heritage Act identifies four main reasons for making a recommendation about whether a place should or should not be listed on the State Heritage Register. Your submission might be based on:

  • whether the item is or is not of State heritage significance
  • whether the long-term conservation of the item is or is not necessary
  • that the listing would mean the item would be incapable of reasonable or economic use, or
  • that the conservation of the item could not be achieved without causing undue financial hardship to the owner, mortgagee or lessee.

Submissions can also provide information or analysis about the proposed item, or may address inaccurate draft information for the nominated item in the Heritage Branch's online database.

Page last updated: 13 February 2014