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National heritage conservation skills and training workshop 2007

International lessons: practical heritage conservation skills retention, development and training

The Heritage Branch and Heritage Victoria held a two-day National Workshop over 11 & 12 September 2007, on Professional Heritage Conservation Skills & Training in Sydney, with a 'miniature' version held in Victoria shortly after. Day 1 examined issues relating to professional skills and Day 2 focussed on trade and craft skills.

John Fidler RIBA FRICS Intl Assoc AIA, was a keynote speaker. He is the former Head of Conservation at English Heritage, Vice President of ICCROM, Getty Scholar and now Staff Consultant for Preservation Technology with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc in Los Angeles and was former Conservation Director of English Heritage in London. John has been involved in developing the professional accreditation processes established in England and also the construction industry survey and action plan to address the loss of trade skills in England. As a Guest Scholar at the Getty Institute in Los Angeles he investigated international models for professional training in practical building conservation.

The Workshop was a valuable opportunity to compare the UK experience and responses with Austraila's situation

Day 1: Professional skills and training

September 11 Program (ConservationSkillsandTrainingProgram2007.pdf, 31KB)

Professional Heritage Conservation Skills and Training (ConservationSkillsandTrainingUKExperienceJohnFidler.pdf, 438KB)
This Powerpoint presentation looks at the professional heritage conservation skills needs, training and competency in the UK, and reviews other US and European models. Of particular interest to heritage professionals will be the development of accreditation systems in the United Kingdom for architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals active in heritage conservation.

Precis of Professional Skills and Training in England (ConservationSkillsandTrainingUKExperienceprecis.pdf, 16KB)
Brief outline of Mr Fidler's presentation.

Day 2: Trade skills and training

September 12 Program (/RetentionDevelopmentTraditionalCraftSkillsProgram2007.pdf, 438KB)

The Retention & Development of Traditional Craft Skills in England (RetentionDevelopmentTraditionalCraftSkillsEnglandJohnFidler.pdf, 1.5MB)
This Powerpoint presentation outlines the development of successful programs to nurture, retain and promote traditional building crafts and conservation skills in the UK. It defines the level of current skills shortage in the UK and explores education and training standards and identifies solutions for systematic problems.

Precis of the Retention and Development of Traditional Craft Skills in England (RetentionDevelopmentTraditionalCraftSkillsEnglandprecis.pdf, 25KB)
Brief outline of Mr Fidler's presentation.


Outcomes of the National Forum on Heritage Conservation Skills and Training (OutcomesPracticalConservationSkillsWorkshop2007.pdf, 24KB)
Brief outline of the outcomes of the workshop discussions and proposed responses.

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