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Every day marks the anniversary of a particular event in the past. However, not all historical events are of equal significance, or even of any significance at all. Those that we, as a society, decide are significant are often commemorated with special events and public holidays. Examples include the anniversary of the establishment of a shire, or the proclamation of the federation of Australian states, or the marking of New Year's Day or Anzac Day.

Anniversaries can also be personal, such as a birthday or remembering the date that an ancestor emigrated to Australia.

Commemorating important dates associated with a heritage item can be a way of interpreting the significance of a place or object or getting the community involved. It can also ensure that memories of that place or object are retained and supported. Commemorations also help people to understand the role of the item in the history of a local area, state or nation.

We have put together a calendar of commemorative dates (commemorative.pdf, 39KB) to show important anniversaries coming up in the future. You can use the calendar to plan commemorations and mark them in ways that celebrate the heritage significance of a place.

How to add an event

Our commemorative calendar is continuing to grow. Any suggestions for additional commemorative events or dates can be emailed to the Heritage Branch.

Page last updated: 01 September 2012