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How brightly you shine

Commemorating the centenary of the NSW Coat of Arms 1906 - 2006

Like a badge or personal seal, the NSW Coat of Arms sends a message about how we want to express our collective identity. A coat of arms is a 'history in shorthand', full of allusions and allegories, and will often be important as a work of art. This online exhibition will allow you to find out who designed our NSW coat of arms, discover its history and decode the meanings of its stylised elements.

The New South Wales coat of arms was assigned by a royal warrant of King Edward VII on the 11th October 1906. This on-line exhibition was launched on the Heritage Branch website one hundred years later, in October 2006.

"Visitors to this on-line exhibition can explore the evolution of our cultural identity through the traditional practice of heraldry" said Mr Michael Collins, Chair of the Heritage Council.

"I hope our presentation will stimulate interest and research into our heraldic heritage, which has been so under-appreciated as part of our history and culture."

Page last updated: 01 September 2012