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NSW Maritime Archaeology Advisory Panel


The NSW Maritime Archaeology Advisory Panel (MAAP) is a non-statutory panel established in 1988. It's purpose is to provide independent advice to the Minister, and the Director of the Heritage Branch, Office of Environment and Heritage, on matters of policy relating to either the general development of the Maritime Archaeology Program or on specific issues. The Director is the delegated authority for administration of the Commonwealth's Historic Shipwrecks Act, 1976 in NSW, has responsibility for administering the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW), while the Heritage Branch, through the Director, provides advice to the Heritage Council of NSW.

Appointment of members

Members are appointed for a non-fixed term by invitation of the Heritage Council of New South Wales, based on their areas of expertise. The Panel generally consists of nine members including the Chairperson and Heritage Branch staff Maritime Archaeologists. The Chairperson is drawn from among the members of the Panel and appointed by the Heritage Council for a period not exceeding three years. All members of the Panel act in a voluntary capacity.


The MAAP provides independent advice directly to the Heritage Branch, on its policies, targets and products for the management of cultural underwater heritage in the State.

Its role includes, but is not limited to, providing advice on:

  • policies and objectives for the Maritime Archaeology Program
  • strategies for promoting an awareness of historic shipwrecks, and major projects/operations carried out as part of the Maritime Archaeology Program in NSW
  • areas for on-going research, funding etc
  • protective measures, both statutory and physical, for specific sites.


The Panel meets generally on the second Thursday of the month, four times a year (February, May, August, November).

Page last updated: 24 October 2012