Culture and heritage

Maritime heritage

Understanding the role of the archaeologist

Archaeologists fulfil a number of important roles. They undertake:
  • research,
  • archaeological survey
  • assessment ofheritage significance
  • report writing,
  • provision of management recommendations to relevant authorities
  • publication,
  • community liaison

The work of the archaeologist helps us to:

  • better understand archaeological sites and our history
  • guide managment decisions, and
  • preserve our heritage

It's not just about digging!

For many archaeologists, active disturbance through archaeological excavation is usually one of their less frequent activities. Excavation cannot be reversed so it is usually only undertaken if:

  • there are important research questions that can be answered through that excavation, and
  • there is sufficient funding for the excavation, conservation and long term public storage.

The work of Maritime Archaeologists is governed by a Code of Ethics (AIMACodeofEthics.pdf, 19KB). These can also be found by visiting the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology website and go to the menu item 'Maritime Archaeology'.

Page last updated: 31 August 2012