Culture and heritage

Maritime heritage

Australian maritime history - regional and local

Maritime history publications with a regional or local focus

  • Barney, Norm., 1989, Between the River and the Sea: Newcastle Harbour 1801 to the Present Day, Newcastle, NSW
  • Berry, Greig, 1994, Shipwrecks of the New South Wales Central Coast. Vol 1: 1800-1899. Tacoma, NSW
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  • Dundon, Gwen, 1997,The Shipbuilders of Brisbane Water, NSW, Published by Gwen Dundon, Gosford, NSW
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  • Gleeson, Max, 1993, The Vanished Fleet of the Sydney Coastline, Topan Printing. Sydney
  • Heritage Office, 1996, Shipwreck Atlas of New South Wales. Edition 3, Sydney (out of print)
  • Heritage Office, Shipwreck Information Series - area information sheets:
  • Kenderdine, Sarah, 1994, Historic Shipping on the Murray River, Department of Planning, Sydney
  • Lawson, Will, 1949, Blue Gum Clippers and Whale Ships of Tasmania, Georgian House, Melbourne
  • Linton, Rebecca., 1998, Crowdy Head: Lighthouse of the Manning, its Shipwrecks, Fishing Industry, National Parks and Residents, Sunbird Publications, NSW
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  • Loney, Jack, 1976, Wrecks on the New South Wales North Coast, Marine History Publications
  • Nutley, D, 2002, A River in Time - following the course of influences on Manning River History, (ariverintimemanning.pdf, 42KB)
  • Richards, Mike, 191997, Pig and Whistle Run: Men and Ships of the NSW South Coast, Grafton
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