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Maritime heritage

Conservation of materials from a marine environment

Guides to the conservation of materials from a marine environment

  • MacLeod, I, 'Conservation Management of Iron Steamships - the ss Xantho (1872)' , in Reprint of paper from the Fifth National Conference on Engineering Heritage 1990, The Institute of Engineers, Australia.
  • NSW Heritage Office, 2000. Snagged Objects (SnaggedObjectsGuidelines.pdf, 64KB) - a guide to conservation principles in the event that fishing nets are caught on shipwreck sites.
  • NSW Heritage Office, 2000. Anchor Conservation (AnchorsGuidelines.pdf, 221KB) - a brief guide to conservation of anchors from a marine environment.
  • Oxley, Ian, 1996, 'The in-situ preservation of underwater sites' in Preserving archaeological remains in situ, Corfield, M, (et al), Museum of London Archaeology Service, University of Bradford.
  • Robinson, Wendy, First Aid for Marine Finds, Trustees of the National Maritime Museum, UK

Also visit Australian National Maritime Museum for more information and downloads on this topic.

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