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Activity guides

Guides that assist you to explore, research and document maritime sites.

Activity guides


Conservation of materials from a marine environment

Anchor conservation (AnchorsGuidelines.pdf, 221KB)
Anchors - Guideline notes to their conservation

Snagged objects guidelines (SnaggedObjectsGuidelines.pdf, 19KB)
Shipwrecks can become caught in marine equipment. These guidelines help you know what to do to prevent further damage to the snagged object.

Creative works

Dunbar, 1857
Poem by Henry Kendall (1839-1882)

Loss of the Dunbar, 1886
Poem by Livingstone Clarke

Diver guides

Guides to diving on shipwrecks

Diver guides

Maritime archaeology

Publications with a focus on the theory and practice of maritime archaeology. Links to lists of print-based and online publications

General and thematic references

Published regional studies

Shipwreck reports

Links to reports available online

Regional site reports

Site specific reports

Shipwreck site surveys - Stockton Swansea - preliminary (StocktonSwanseaJan2008.pdf, 564KB)

Maritime history

Links to lists of print-based publications about the maritime history of Australia

Australia - general and thematic

Australia - regional and local

Australia - site specific

Reference works & official registers

Press releases

Released by the NSW government

Sydney surf reveals a secret - 10 July 2001 (collaroyanchor.pdf, 10KB)

New shipwreck discovered - 25 September 2000 (keilawarra.pdf, 62KB)

Lord Howe Island's rich maritime heritage uncovered - 26 March 2002 (LordHoweIsland26March2002.pdf, 11KB)

Shipwrecks emerge from sandy graves - 26 September 2001 (sandygraves.pdf, 10KB)

Minister launches plaque to historic submarine wreck in NSW - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB)

- 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB) - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB) - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB) - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB) - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB) - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB) - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB) - 23 March 2001 (sealrockspress.pdf, 13KB)

Shipwreck information sheets - 21 February 2000 (shipwreckinfosheets.pdf, 11KB)

Community encouraged to join shipwreck research, protection program - 16 March 2000 (spotters.pdf, 9KB)

Mystery relic surfaces from Sydney Harbour - 25 March 2000 (sydhbrcauldron.pdf, 9KB)

Boaters and divers urged to protect our underwater heritage - 27 February 2001 (wreckguidelines.pdf, 8KB)

Archaeologists map historic shipwreck near Coffs Harbour - 14 August 2000 (wyongshipwreck.pdf, 11KB)

Ship construction and terminology

Ship construction, marine engines, fastenings


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