Culture and heritage

Maritime heritage

Conditions of a shipwreck site

Conditions that describe a site

Develop a list of conditions that describe a wreck site by answering the following questions:

  • What materials (eg iron, wood,) were used to build the ship?
  • What other materials might be found in the ship?
  • What type of seabed or other surface is the shipwreck resting on? (eg mud, sand, reef)
  • Is the water saline or fresh?
  • Is the water deep or shallow?
  • Is the water warm or cool?
  • Is the water normally rough or still?
  • Does strong light reach the site or is the light level very low?

How might the answers to the above questions affect condition of the wreck site?

Find a shipwreck or wharf structure in your area and descibe the site conditions using the above dot points.

Page last updated: 31 August 2012