Culture and heritage

Maritime heritage

What you can do


Archaeological excavation is a specialised field which must be supervised by a trained archaeologist. However, volunteers can assist by:

  • carrying out surveys of shipwreck sites
  • making photographic records or measured drawings of the shipwreck
  • collecting historical plans or photographs about industries, places and people associated with particular shipwrecks.
  • recording the memories of people who are familiar with aspects of maritime history or people who survived or who are descendants of shipwreck survivors.
  • researching themes in Australian social and economic history to provide information for archaeological studiesresearching particular developments that have influenced a particular shipping trade or style of ship construction

Such projects are the backbone of future archaeological study and will help to identify and conserve our heritage.

Underwater heritage is fragile!

We need to remember that the remains of shipwrecks and other relics are a unique and irreplaceable resource, yielding vital information about our past.

Page last updated: 31 August 2012