About us

About us

NPWS Park Operations Branch – North Coast

Find out who liaises between your community and the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and who to contact for more information.

Email npws.northcoastbranch@environment.nsw.gov.au for more information on the North Coast regional advisory committees.

North Coast Regional Advisory Committee members

Mr Rob Cleary
Ms Rachel Binskin
Mr Allister Gee
Mr Robin Heath
Ms Kristine Hely
Mr Max Ingram
Mr Frank Kennedy
Mr Peter Lean
Mr Sean McArdle
Mr Roderick McKelvey – Chair
Mr Peter Morgan
Mr Bob Palmer
Mr Barry Ramke
Mr Terrence Tibbett
Mr Clark Valler JP

Northern Rivers Regional Advisory Committee members

Mr Trevor Bendall
Mr Blair Cochran
Ms Lois Cook
Ms Marie Gale
Dr Hedley Grantham
Ms Eleanor Margaret Hodgson OAM
Mr Rodney Holland
Mrs Melissa Ladkin
Miss Jeanette (Jan) Olley
Dr Pascal Scherrer – Chair
Dr Debra Stokes
Mr Darren Taitoko
Mrs Lorraine Vass
Dr Charlie Zammit 

For more information on National Parks and Wildlife Service regional advisory committees, visit the Advisory committees webpage.

Page last updated: 03 April 2018