Hartley Historic Site Conservation Management Plan

The township of Hartley lies on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, 12 kilometres south of Lithgow. It is a rare surviving collection of vernacular buildings, which were built around 1840-1860. The town developed and became successful as populations spread west of the Blue Mountains with the regulation of land allocation.

1 December 2002
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Conservation management plan
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Exterior Hartley Courthouse, Hartley Historic SiteThis conservation management plan (CMP) aims to guide the comprehensive management and conservation of the fabric and character of the place, while allowing for new development and uses for the historic buildings of Hartley.

The primary objectives of the CMP are to:

  • establish the cultural significance of Hartley Historic Site, including its setting in the Hartley Valley.
  • formulate appropriate policies for the conservation of the cultural landscape of the Historic Site, taking into account its historical and social significance, its significance to the Aboriginal community, the significant physical fabric, the rural and bushland setting, and the on-going usage and management of the place by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.
  • formulate appropriate policies for the long term conservation of the cultural significance of the place. These policies are to include future usage, on-going maintenance and management of the cultural landscape.

This CMP includes:

  • a review of historical and archival material relating to the site and the analysis of the pattern of development of the Historic Site;
  • an investigation of the existing physical fabric to determine the extent and condition of original elements and the nature of subsequent changes; and
  • an analysis of the documentary, physical and comparative evidence to establish the nature and degree of significance of the site and individual components. This information is summarised in the Statement of Significance on which the Conservation Policy and Implementation Recommendations are based.

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Step into this historic inland settlement among the sandstone buildings of Hartley Historic Site, on the western edge of the Blue Mountains.

Photo: Hartley Courthouse, Hartley Historic Site / J Spencer/NSW Government