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Green-thighed Frog - NSW North Coast: Distribution and vegetation associations

Scientific name: Litoria brevipalmata
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Last updated: 21 Jan 2019

Distribution of the species within this region

The Green-thighed Frog is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the NSW North Coast Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia Region.

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IBRA sub-region  Known or predictedGeographic restrictions within region
Cataract Known None
Chaelundi Known None
Coffs Coast and Escarpment Known None
Comboyne Plateau Known None
Karuah Manning Known None
Macleay Hastings Known None
Washpool Known None
Yuraygir Known None

Vegetation formations, classes and types

In this region the Green-thighed Frog - NSW North Coast is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes. Click on a name to get background information about it.

  • Forested wetlands
    • Coastal Floodplain Wetlands
      • Coastal Creekflat Layered Grass-Sedge Swamp Forest
      • Lower North Riverflat Eucalypt-Paperbark Forest
      • Northern Creekflat Eucalypt-Paperbark Mesic Swamp Forest
      • Northern Lowland Swamp Turpentine-Red Gum Forest
      • Northern Swamp Oak-Paperbark Forest
    • Coastal Swamp Forests
      • Northern Lowland Swamp Turpentine-Mahogany Forest
    • Eastern Riverine Forests
      • Far North River Oak Wet Forest
      • Northern Gorges River Oak Forest
      • River Red Gum / River Oak riparian woodland wetland in the Hunter Valley
      • Sandstone cliff-face soak
  • Grasslands
    • Temperate Montane Grasslands
      • River Tussock - Tall Sedge - Kangaroo Grass moist grasslands of the South Eastern Highlands Bioregion
      • Wallaby Grass - Red-grass - Tall Speargrass - Kangaroo Grass dry tussock grassland of the North-western and Eastern Southern Tablelands in the South Eastern Highlands Bioregion
  • Grassy woodlands
    • Coastal Valley Grassy Woodlands
      • Far North Ranges Red Gum Grassy Forest
      • Lower Hunter Red Gum-Paperbark Riverflat Forest
      • Narrow-leaved Ironbark - Bull Oak - Grey Box shrub - grass open forest of the central and lower Hunter
      • Narrow-leaved Ironbark - Grey Box - Spotted Gum shrub - grass woodland of the central and lower Hunter
  • Rainforests
    • Dry Rainforests
      • Blakes Wattle - Wilga - Wild Quince - Kurrajong thickets, NSW North Coast Bioregion and New England Tablelands Bioregion
      • Far North Hinterland Kamala-Coogera Dry Rainforest
      • Northern Hinterland Shatterwood Dry Rainforest
    • Northern Warm Temperate Rainforests
      • Central Coast Gallery Rainforest
      • Lower North Wet Gully Palm Rainforest
      • Northern Escarpment Sassafras-Booyong-Corkwood Rainforest
      • Northern Ranges Coachwood Warm Temperate Rainforest
      • Sydney Coastal Lilly Pilly-Palm Gallery Rainforest
    • Subtropical Rainforests
      • Border Ranges Black Booyong Subtropical Rainforest
      • Border Ranges Red Carabeen Rainforest
      • Giant Stinging Tree - Fig dry subtropical rainforest of the NSW North Coast Bioregion and Brigalow Belt South Bioregion
      • Northern Lowland Subtropical Rainforest
  • Wet sclerophyll forests (grassy sub-formation)
    • Northern Hinterland Wet Sclerophyll Forests
      • Central Coast Escarpment Moist Forest
      • Far North Coastal Hills Blackbutt-Ironbark Forest
      • Far North Hinterland Grey Gum Grassy Forest
      • Hunter Coast Lowland Spotted Gum Moist Forest
      • Lower North Ranges Turpentine Moist Forest
      • Lower North Spotted Gum-Mahogany-Ironbark Sheltered Forest
      • Lower North White Mahogany-Spotted Gum Moist Forest
      • Northern Blackbutt-Turpentine Shrub Forest
      • Northern Bloodwood-Ironbark Moist Grassy Forest
      • Northern Foothills Blackbutt Grassy Forest
      • Northern Gorges Diverse Grassy Forest
      • Northern Hinterland Blackbutt-Forest Oak Wet Forest
      • Northern Hinterland Grey Gum-Mahogany Grassy Forest
      • Northern Hinterland Grey Gum-Turpentine Mesic Forest
      • Northern Hinterland Tallowwood-Forest Oak Grassy Forest
      • Watagan Range Turpentine-Mahogany Grassy Forest
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