Requesting a review or lodging a complaint

Simple steps to request an internal review or lodge a complaint about how we've handled your personal information.

What you must do

To lodge a complaint you must:

What will it cost to lodge a complaint?

There is no cost to lodge a complaint or request an internal review under NSW privacy legislation.

What we will do

A senior department officer will look into the matter, or we will ask the Privacy Commissioner to conduct a review on our behalf. The review will be completed within 60 days.

We will then decide how to address your complaint. We may:

  • take no further action
  • formally apologise to you
  • promise that the conduct will not happen again
  • take appropriate action to fix up the problem
  • take steps to prevent any more problems of this kind.

We will notify you about:

  • the findings of the review
  • the reasons for our finding
  • any action we propose to take
  • the reasons for our proposed action
  • your right to have the findings, and the reasons for the findings, reviewed by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal.