Report a problem

When you report an environmental problem please include as much detail as possible so we can correctly locate the incident and take the right action.

Contact the Department of Planning and Environment on 1300 361 967 to report problems or incidents involving:

Threatened or endangered animals and plants

Illegal native vegetation clearing

Destruction of Aboriginal artefacts or sites


For major pollution incidents

If the incident presents an immediate threat to human health or property, such as toxic fumes or a large chemical spill, call 000 to report it immediately to emergency services. As first responders, Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Police and the NSW Ambulance Service are responsible for controlling and containing incidents.

Non-emergency pollution incidents

Non-emergency incidents should be reported to the organisation responsible for regulating pollution.

Phone the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on 131 555 or visit the EPA website for more contact information.  



  • odours
  • smoke and air pollution from public and private premises.

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Chemical and radiation


  • chemical spills
  • transport of dangerous goods
  • contaminated sites
  • pollution from pesticides and herbicides.

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  • industrial/commercial noise including pub/club loud music and patron noise
  • transport noise including motor vehicles
  • construction noise
  • public sporting and entertainment venues
  • neighbourhood noise including barking dogs, power tools and loud music.

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Waste and litter


  • illegal dumping of waste in national parks, beaches or private land
  • littering from vehicles
  • roadside rubbish on major roads or local roads.

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  • oil spills
  • discharge from marine vessels
  • beach pollution
  • drinking water concerns.

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