Hartley Historic Site Advisory Committee

The Hartley Historic Site Advisory Committee is established by the Minister for the Environment under section 24(3) of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 to conserve the values and manage the heritage of Hartley Historic Site, which is located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains.

The committee is responsible for providing community input into the management of Hartley Historic Site and advice on relevant policies and plans of management.

The advisory committee typically includes Aboriginal representation and persons with expertise and experience in local government, community involvement in conservation, cultural heritage management, rural or regional issues, ecotourism or ecologically sustainable visitor or tourist use, enjoyment and appreciation of reserves, and/or environmental education and community involvement in environmental education.

The advisory committee is expected to meet on four occasions annually. Membership is voluntary.

For more information about the Hartley Historic Site Advisory Committee, email npws.bluemountainsbranch@environment.nsw.gov.au.

  • Mrs Krystina Campbell
  • Mr Matthew Chambers
  • Mrs Margaret Combs OAM
  • Mr Malcolm McDonald
  • Mr Robert Morris OAM
  • Dr MacLaren North
  • Ms Annette Poston-Gilbey