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Survey nameDescriptionStart dateEnd dateCustodianNo. of sites
A_VAMP Vegetation Classification project for the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Area. DECCW North-east Branch.13/08/201024/03/2011Office of Environment and Heritage448
ABERBALDIE Aberbaldie21/06/200506/09/2005John T. Hunter21
ABERMAIN Vegetation assessment of a proposed subdivision at Church Rd, Abermain, Cessnock LGA02/04/200424/05/2004Eastcoast Flora Survey (Stephen Bell)6
AC_LowerHunter2016 Flora survey quadrats from various 2016 surveys in the lower Hunter Valley around Tomago, Grahamstown, Cessnock, Windale and West Wallsend01/05/201601/10/2017Office of Environment and Heritage175
AC_W2BOffsets2014 Flora survey data from a 2014 project assessing potential biodiversity offset sites on private and crown lands for the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade. Collected on behalf of the NSW RMS.01/09/201401/11/2014Office of Environment and Heritage73
AC_W2BOffsets2016 Flora survey quadrats from 2016 survey of potential offset properties for RMS Woolgoolga to Ballina project, North Coast01/02/201601/04/2016Office of Environment and Heritage94
ACT_AIMJ ACT Parks Mount Ainslie and Majura surveys01/01/197030/06/2011ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands139
ACT_BLAC ACT Parks Black Mountain Survey01/01/197030/06/2011ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands59
ACT_GUD ACT Parks Gudgenby Surveys01/01/197030/06/2011ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands201
ACT_MTWD ACT Parks Williamsdale, Mount Tennant Surveys28/12/198519/01/1988ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands113
ACT_TIDB ACT Parks Tidbinbilla Survey01/01/197030/06/2011ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands81
ACT_UC ACT Parks Upper Cotter Surveys24/10/198712/02/1988ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands135
AHA_SHOALHAVEN_NBURA Flora survey quadrats from 2010 Nowra Bomaderry Urban Release Area ecology assessment by AHA for Shoalhaven City Council14/05/200914/05/2009Alison Hunt & Associates8
AIRLY Long term vegetation monitoring associated with Airly Coal Mine11/03/199830/06/2005Gingra Ecological Surveys4
ALLEN Mr. Allen-Hansens Rd Tumbi19/08/200419/08/2004Ecological Surveys and Management Pty Ltd (Robert Payne)2
ALLFLOYD A. FLOYD RAINFOREST LISTS FOR THE NEFBS AREA10/01/197501/04/1993Herbarium, North Coast Regional Botanical Gardens, Coffs Harbour, NSW609
ALLSAND Wollemi and Yengo sites07/10/198327/06/1997Office of Environment and Heritage35
ALLWOLL Wollemi vegetation sites from various surveys20/04/198321/02/1999Office of Environment and Heritage406
ALP_ASH Monitoring plots established in E. delegatensis vegetation in Kosciuszko National Park.01/12/200802/05/2014Office of Environment and Heritage87
ALUMMTN Surveys around and on the summit of Alum Mountain Bulahdelah13/07/200718/12/2008Clarke Dowdle & Associates25
ALUMMTN_EXTRA Additional plots surveyed around Alum Mountain, Bulahdelah12/04/201112/04/2011Clarke Dowdle & Associates1
AMYCLOSE Monitoring Quadrats for Amy Close Wyong24/11/200624/11/2006Ecological Surveys and Management Pty Ltd (Robert Payne)9
ANDREWS Full florisitc plots completed by Peter Calper on behalf of Andrews Neil Consultants for Wyong Shire Council03/04/200023/05/2000Wyong Shire Council24
APASH Air Photo Sites for Ashford Map12/01/199416/12/1994Royal Botanic Gardens & National Herbarium of NSW, Sydney20
API_SCRA Southern CRA API sites: surveyID created by Mark Tozer for sites contained in the Southern CRA databae for which no surveyID was specified12/10/199931/12/2000Office of Environment and Heritage359
AQUAD AQUAD14/07/200514/07/2005Ecological Surveys and Management Pty Ltd (Robert Payne)1
ARAK_BYRON Vegetation and flora of the Cape Byron and Arakwal reserves. Site data collected to determine communities for a vegetation map.01/01/200701/12/2008Office of Environment and Heritage62
ARAKOOLA Arakoola National Park Vegetation Survey14/11/199926/12/1999Office of Environment and Heritage50
ARBO1 Arboretum 105/10/200405/10/2004Ecological Surveys and Management Pty Ltd (Robert Payne)1
ARIDWLND Arid Woodland Vegetation Survey for PhD Study - Perennial woody species only NOTE: Amendments made during data review June 2010 to collapse sites with identical positions recorded as replicates in this and related surveys.01/03/198812/07/1996University of Ballarat (Centre for Environmental Management)103
ASHFORD Ashford 1:100 000 Vegetation Survey19/10/199424/01/1995Royal Botanic Gardens & National Herbarium of NSW, Sydney105
ASHRAM Satyanandra Ashram at Mangrove regeneration base quadrat24/06/200524/06/2005Ecological Surveys and Management Pty Ltd (Robert Payne)1
ASKANIA Targetted Survey of Prostanthera askania17/01/200119/01/2001Office of Environment and Heritage3
Asperula_SOS_Sites  16/01/201916/01/2019Office of Environment and Heritage1
ASTRO Astrotricha roddii Recovery Plan Survey22/11/199325/10/1994Royal Botanic Gardens & National Herbarium of NSW, Sydney8
AUSALPS Quadrat Survey of treeless vegetation in the Australian Alps09/12/200126/05/2005Office of Environment and Heritage359
AVISFORD Vegetation Survey of Avisford NR04/04/199528/11/1999Office of Environment and Heritage40
AVOCA Public reserve behind Avoca Beach Public School01/12/200601/12/2006Ecological Surveys and Management Pty Ltd (Robert Payne)3
AWABAKAL Survey of Awabakal Nature Reserve on behalf of NPWS, Newcastle18/03/199802/04/1998Office of Environment and Heritage21
AWABATIP Survey of current and proposed expansion to Awaba Tip, Lake Macquarie LGA15/02/201116/02/2011Eastcoast Flora Survey (Stephen Bell)12
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