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This section investigates the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia (IBRA) as described in 'The Bioregions of New South Wales - their biodiversity, conservation and history', published in 2003. IBRA mapping, however is subject to ongoing review and refinement, with this document being based on IBRA version 5.1. One of the more substantial changes since version 5.1 has been the intrusion of the South Eastern Queensland bioregion into NSW, increasing the number of recognised bioregions in NSW to 18.

This document continues to provide a valuable resource, in spite of many (and some substantial) boundary refinements; nevertheless, given these changes, the application of some care in its use is required. For the revised IBRA boundaries refer to the Australian government's Caring for our Country - National Reserve System website.

The following information is based on 'The Bioregions of New South Wales - their biodiversity, conservation and history'.

This document provides a series of textual snapshots of the conservation character and significance of the 17 bioregions of NSW. Each bioregion overview presents information on a variety of characteristics of the bioregion, including both physical descriptions and its conservation status.

This report is one of a series of documents which utilise a bioregional framework in the assessment of the terrestrial biodiversity of NSW. It was prepared as part of a suite of projects which were funded under the NSW Biodiversity Strategy and were designed to fill gaps in information and to provide tools for State and bioregional conservation assessment.

What is a bioregion?
Find out about bioregions and how they are used in conservation planning. Learn about the bioregional and subregional framework in NSW.

About this report
Read about the aims of this project, find out how to use the bioregion overviews, and see how this project relates to other NSW Biodiversity Strategy projects.

A brief overview of NSW
Get a snapshot of the state - its climate, landscapes, biodiversity, conservation status and human history

Bioregion overviews
Get detailed information on the climate, landscape, biodiversity and history of the 17 bioregions in NSW.

1. Diagram of Integrated Biodiversity Conservation Assessment (IBCA) projects under the NSW Biodiversity Strategy
2. Conservation mechanisms surveyed and described in bioregion overviews
3. Conservation status analysis for each bioregion.

Links, references and glossaries
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Printable versions of bioregion information
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