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Aims and objectives of this project

Land managers and conservation planners need to know what is present in the landscape, where it is and what condition it is in. This information must be known at four scales:

  • statewide
  • bioregional
  • ecosystem
  • species.

This project, the Bioregional Overviews report, provides a basis for establishing conservation priorities by offering guidance to conservation planners on setting such priorities at a coarse, bioregional scale. This document aims to provide a series of textual snapshots of the conservation character and significance of the 17 bioregions of NSW. The information collated for the project includes the physical attributes of the landscape and the human links to the environment, as well as the biodiversity and conservation values of each bioregion.

The document offers a description of the unique character of each of the bioregions, and shows how important it is to understand the significance of biogeographic regions (bioregions) in conservation planning. In doing this, we hope to provide a greater understanding of how we describe conservation values and of the challenges ahead for conservation and land management.

The Bioregional Overviews report has been prepared for a diverse readership, including:

  • high school students
  • local, state and Federal governments
  • industry, including tourism and agriculture
  • those preparing more detailed regional conservation assessments and planning, for whom this report may be an initial source of information.

How this report relates to other bioregional assessment projects

The Bioregional Overviews report was prepared by the NPWS, and was partially funded by the NSW Biodiversity Strategy. The NSW Biodiversity Strategy also funds projects under the Integrated Bioregional Conservation Assessment (IBCA) program.

These projects share a broad common goal - to use an integrated, whole-of-government approach in collating and distributing biodiversity data and information in order to adequately assess the conservation significance of land throughout NSW (NSW NPWS 1999a).

The need for the publication of the Bioregional Overviews report is based on the acceptance that it will be some time before detailed information about the bioregions becomes available through IBCA projects and other specific bioregional assessments.

It is anticipated that the Bioregional Overviews report will be periodically updated to incorporate new data when it becomes available. Where no bioregional assessments exist for a bioregion, the bioregional overview will provide an interim, coarse-scale description of the environment and past and present land management to guide decision-making in the bioregion.

Data from regions where bioregional assessments are under way can be used to prepare a more comprehensive overview. Where there is a need to examine the inevitable differences arising out of separate regional or bioregional planning processes in adjacent bioregions, this document may provide a basis for doing so. The document will also highlight where bioregional-scale information and data is currently lacking.

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