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The bioregions of New South Wales - their biodiversity, conservation and history

This report may be cited as NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service 2003, The Bioregions of New South Wales: their biodiversity, conservation and history, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Sydney.


  • Roshan Sahukar
  • Catherine Gallery
  • Julianne Smart
  • Peter Mitchell


Three of the authors of this document, Roshan Sahukar, Catherine Gallery and Julianne Smart, are based in the Conservation Assessment and Priorities Unit of the NPWS.

Peter Mitchell is a contractor to the NPWS.

The members of the Technical Working Group for the project, under the State Biodiversity Strategy, are:

  • Gary Saunders (NPWS)
  • Phil Purcell (NPWS)
  • Peter Peckham (NPWS)
  • Gethin Morgan (Consultant)
  • Ric Noble (Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources)
  • Mike Cavanagh (NPWS)


Other NPWS staff who provided invaluable assistance to the project are:

  • Murray Robinson (maps)
  • Lisa Hubbard and Darren James (conservation status statistics).


This project was partially funded by the NSW State Biodiversity Strategy.

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