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Darling Riverine Plains - climate

The Darling Riverine Plains Bioregion lies in the semi-arid climatic zone which is hot and persistently dry (Stern et al. 2000). This semi-arid area occupies most of the western arm of the bioregion, accompanied by very small patches of both arid and warm semi-arid climate. The bioregion also contains minor patches of subtropical climate in the east with sub-humid areas in the southeast.

On average, the eastern portion of the bioregion receives higher and more reliable rainfall, with flooding occurring mainly in summer, while irregular cyclonic depressions can occur to the north of the bioregion (Morgan and Terrey 1992).

Darling Riverine Plains Bioregion - climate variable information
Mean annual temperature
Minimum average monthly temperature
Maximum average monthly temperature
Mean annual rainfall
Minimum average monthly rainfall
Maximum average monthly rainfall

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