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Mulga Lands - subregions

Subregions of the Mulga Lands Bioregion
SubregionGeologyCharacteristic landformsTypical soilsVegetation
Nebine PlainsCretaceous sandstones and claystones partly silicified. Quaternary aeolian sands and alluvial clays.Low ridges partly overlain by dunes or sandplains. Channels and clay plains.Red earths, brown loams on bedrock, red earths and red texture contrast soils on sandplains and cracking grey clays on fine alluvial sediment.Mulga, western bloodwood, poplar box with mallee, white cypress pine, coolabah apple, silver-leaf ironbark and spinifex on ridges. Ironwood, mulga, white cypress pine, and wilga with gidgee and brigalow on sandplains. Black box, coolabah, and eurah with lignum and canegrass on clays.
Warrego River PlainsQuaternary alluvium and Aeolian sand. Extensive alluvial plains with low sandy rises of the Warrego fan. Red earths and red siliceous sands with widespread cracking grey and brown clays.Coolabah, eurah, river cooba, lignum and canegrass on low areas. Black box fringing rises. Gidgee, brigalow ironwood, rosewood, wilga, white cypress pine, budda, poplar box, belah and dense shrubs on red soil rises.
Warrego SandsQuaternary aeolian and alluvial sediments with some groundwater influence.Sandplains, channels, floodplains and minor basins on the lower Warrego fan.Red earths, reddish texture contrast soils and grey clays.Poplar box with belah, ironwood, gidgee, white cypress pine, beefwood, and red box. Mulga on stony areas. Dense woody shrubs.



Coolabah, black box, river cooba with lignum, canegrass, saltbush and copperburr on clays, some gidgee, leopardwood and wilga on higher margins.

Ursino SandplainQuaternary aeolian sands and alluvial sediments surrounding small areas of Cretaceous sandstone and Tertiary silcretes on tablelands. Undulating sandplain with small areas of low, parallel dunes. Low tablelands and stony rises drained by local streams with small clay pans and depressions. Loamy, calcareous red earths on sandplains, brown stony loams on tablelands and sandy red earths with minor grey clays on fine alluvial sediments.Dense groves of mulga with ironwood, and some poplar box. Woody shrubs widespread. Canegrass and some black box on pans. Thinner mulga and western bloodwood on rises.
Paroo Sand SheetsQuaternary aeolian sands and alluvial sediments surrounding small areas of Tertiary silcretes stony plain.Undulating stony plain and sandplain with low linear dunes. Channels, floodplains and clay pans of Cuttaburra Creek.Stony red loams and earths on the rises. Sandy red earths and grey clays on sandplains and fine alluvial sediments.Open mulga, leopardwood and shrubs on rises. Iron wood, mulga, white cypress pine, rosewood, poplar box, and belah with shrubs on sandplains. Ironwood, mulga, poplar box with gidgee, belah, yapunyah, coolabah and black box on alluvial sediments.
Paroo OverflowQuaternary alluvium and Aeolian sands on the lower alluvial fan of the Paroo River. Small areas of Palaeozoic bedrock.Isolated rocky hills emerging from extensive source bordering dunefields. Clay plains and channels of the overflow system.Pale red clayey sands, grey clays on fine alluvium.Open mulga, rosewood and belah on hills and dunes. Canegrass, lignum, old man saltbush on clay pans with yapunyah and black box on margins.
Paroo-Darling SandsDevonian quartz sandstone emergent hills surrounded by Quaternary Aeolian sands and alluvial clays of the lower Paroo.Rounded ridges with rocky hillslopes, flanked by dunes and sandplain. Channels, floodplain and saline claypans with lunettes in the alluvial system.Limited areas of stony loams on bedrock. Deep red earths and brown texture contrast soils on dunes and plains, grey and brown saline cracking clays on fine alluvium. Mulga, belah, rosewood with sandhill wattle, beefwood, leopardwood and bluebush. Poplar box in depressions in red country. Canegrass, lignum and old man saltbush on clays with yapunyah and black box on channels and lake margins. Sparse mulga on lunettes.
Kerribree BasinQuaternary alluvial and aeolian sands derived from Warrego overflow.Low linear dunes, undulating plains with drainage sinks, and saline clay pans and swamps associated with channel systems.Red siliceous sands, sandy red earths, brown loamy soils and grey and brown cracking clays.Ironwood, belah and white cypress pone on dunes. Poplar box, mulga, belah gidgee and leopardwood on plains. Sparse coolabah, gidgee and black box with canegrass and some lignum on alluvial systems.
West WarregoCretaceous sandstones and claystones with Tertiary silcrete. Margins of Quaternary aeolian sands.Low hills and dissected tablelands.Shallow stony loams and sandy red earths.Mulga and poplar box with occasional red box, western bloodwood, belah, rosewood, white cypress pine and ironwood.
White Cliffs PlateauCretaceous sandstones and claystones with marginal Quaternary colluvium and limited alluvium.Stony plateau, dissected tablelands with escarpments and stony slopes. Contour banding evident on flatter slopes. Gravelly alluvial plains and floodouts of local creeks.Red brown loams and clays, some texture contrast soils. Gravelly loams and limited brown clays in alluvium. Mitchell grass on plateaus. Bladder saltbush and bluebush with small patches of belah and gidgee. Sparse mulga with saltbush and bluebush on stony plains and slopes. River redgum and yapunyah on larger creek lines. Mulga, poplar box on alluvial plains with coolabah, and river cooba on channels.

From Morgan and Terrey 1992

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