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Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields - bioregional-scale conservation

Only a few of the possible conservation tenures are deployed in this bioregion. Those that are occupy 253,211 hectares or 11.96 per cent of the bioregion. The parts of Sturt National Park and Pindera Downs Aboriginal Area that are located within the Simpson-Strzelecki Dunefields are the only reserves managed under the NPW Act 1974 in the bioregion. They occupy 122,030 hectares or 5.76 per cent and 2,403 hectares or 0.11 per cent of the bioregion respectively. These are not managed additionally for wilderness values, as there are no declared wilderness areas in the bioregion.

Some landholders in the bioregion have entered into private land conservation under the provisions of the NPW Act 1974. There are four wildlife refuges on properties occupying about 128,779 hectares or 6.08 per cent of the bioregion but there are no voluntary conservation agreements. Nor are there any property agreements under the NVC Act 1997 in the bioregion.

No land, in the form of either State forest or flora reserve, is managed for conservation or for forestry under the Forestry Act 1916.

Note: This information is an extract from 'The Bioregions of New South Wales: their biodiversity, conservation and history' (2003) NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Hurstville and the data is current for 2003, the date of the publication. 

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