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South Western Slopes - subregions

Subregions of the South Western Slopes Bioregion
SubregionGeologyCharacteristic landformsTypical soilsVegetation
Upper Slopes Ordovician to Devonian folded and faulted sedimentary sequences with inter-bedded volcanic rocks and large areas of intrusive granites. Steep, hilly and undulating ranges and granite basins. Occasional basalt caps, confined river valleys with terrace remnants. Shallow stony soils on steep slopes, texture contrast soils grading from red subsoils on upper slopes to yellow subsoils on lower slopes. Alluvial sands, loams and clays. Open forests and woodlands. Red stringybark on upper slopes with black cypress pine, kurrajong, red ironbark, white gum, white box, yellow box and Blakely's red gum on lower slopes. Merging west to yellow box, grey box and white cypress pine. Rough-barked apple on flats with river oak on upper tributaries and river red gum on lower and larger streams.
Lower Slopes As for the Upper Slopes but with larger areas of Tertiary and Quaternary alluvium. Undulating and hilly ranges and isolated peaks set in wide valleys at the apices of the Riverina alluvial fans. Similar to the Upper Slopes but with more extensive red-brown earths on undulating plains and more extensive grey clays on alluvium. Dwyer's gum on granite, red ironbark on sedimentary rocks Hill red gum, white cypress pine and red stringybark in the ranges. Grey box woodlands with yellow box, white cypress pine and belah on lower areas. Poplar box, kurrajong, wilga and red box in the north, limited areas of bull mallee, blue mallee, green mallee and congoo mallee in the central west. Myall, rosewood and yarran on grey clays, yellow box, polar box, and belah on alluvial loams. River red gum on all streams with black box in the west with some lignum and river cooba.

From Morgan and Terrey 1992

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