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Sydney Basin - climate

The Sydney Basin Bioregion is dominated by a temperate climate characterised by warm summers with no dry season. A sub-humid climate occurs across significant areas in the northeast of the bioregion. A small area in the west of the bioregion around the Blue Mountains falls in a montane climate zone. Snow can occasionally occur in this area of higher elevation.

Rainfall can occur throughout the year, but varies across the bioregion in relation to altitude and distance from the coast, with wetter areas being closer to the coast or in higher altitudes.

Temperature varies across the bioregion, with areas of higher temperature occurring along the coast and in the Hunter valley and areas of lower temperature on the higher plateaux and western edge.

Sydney Basin Bioregion - climate variable information
Mean annual temperature
Minimum average monthly temperature
Maximum average monthly temperature
Mean annual rainfall
Minimum average monthly rainfall
Maximum average monthly rainfall

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