Battery storage for business

Batteries can be used to store energy generated from solar systems, or from the grid, and provide a way for businesses to efficiently manage their energy use.

Battery storage technology is generating a huge amount of hype and market interest. The technology is central to combining a business's energy efficiency and productivity goals with clean energy.

How can battery storage be of value to your business?

You can save money, reduce your peak demand charges and increase your use of clean energy with a battery storage system.

These guides and tools can help you work out whether battery storage is right for your business.

Battery storage: an overview

This overview document provides a snapshot of what you need to know about battery storage, including:

  • how battery storage systems work
  • why install battery storage systems
  • benefits of investing in battery storage
  • where to start.

Battery storage: a detailed guide

A buying and usage guide

This document will help you understand:

  • your energy use and needs
  • how different battery types work
  • how to use battery storage systems to save money and increase consumption of renewable energy
  • installation requirements, risks and safety considerations.

Investment decision tool

This tool will help you work out whether battery storage is right for your business.

You can get a quick snapshot of your energy use, tariff, and the typical return on investment from a battery storage system.

With this data you can then decide whether a battery storage system would be worthwhile for your business.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 7 operating system or later
  • Windows Microsoft Office Excel 2010
  • Tool not supported on Microsoft Office for Mac.

We will be updating this tool in response to market changes and your feedback on its usefulness. Please email us your comments.

Price estimate template

Are you planning to source quotes from battery storage suppliers?

This price estimate template will provide you with questions to ask to get a more comprehensive quote and compare battery suppliers and solutions.

Battery storage training

We offer training courses on battery storage to help you understand:

  • your electrical infrastructure
  • your energy usage
  • how battery storage might assist with your business’s productivity.

Post-training support is also available to help you further evaluate and install battery storage systems at your site.

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Page last updated: 25 September 2017