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Efficient data centre 

Technological improvements mean that modern purpose built data centers can be very energy efficient. Smaller and older data centres can also make substantial savings by taking actions to cut energy consumption.

With lots of machines in a small space a large amount of heat is being generated and wasted.

Top energy-saving tips


Traditionally, individual applications were run on dedicated servers. Virtualisation allows different applications to be run on the same machine, creating better utilisation of resources. Many cabinet and rack combinations can consume nearly the same amount of power at 70 and 10 per cent utilisation. 

Manage heat gains


  • Eliminate hot spots by virtually or physically moving machines so that racks are evenly matched. 
  • Ensure your data centre layout is optimised for the type of cooling system being used. Check that cold air has a clear flow to the server and does not intersect hot air returns. 
  • If your data centre has windows, consider installing an insulation barrier to reduce solar heat gain.


Buy to save

Consider the energy consumption of new equipment. For example, blade servers generally take up less space, use significantly less power and have larger capability than traditional server equipment.

Lighting: Save up to 70 per cent

  • A quick win can be achieved by investing in the latest lighting technology. This can have a short pay back period because of the lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance. 
  • Adding sensors and timers will stop you wasting money lighting areas that are not being used.

Replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs can achieve  energy savings of up to 70 per cent.

How can we help?

Energy experts

We have a team of professionals dedicated to helping you save energy and cut your power bills.  Understanding your current situation through an energy audit is often the first step.  We can connect you with a local energy efficiency expert who knows your industry, is up-to-date with the latest technologies and can identify your biggest savings.

Training courses

Our regular training courses can help you make your business more energy efficient and reduce costs.

Online tools and resources

Our tools and resources can help you save energy

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Page last updated: 12 June 2018