Engaging staff in energy efficiency

It’s vital to engage your staff as you work to achieve more efficient energy practices.

Helping your team understand energy use and the ways to reduce it will assist you to implement innovative energy efficiency practices.

  1. Promote understanding
    Engage staff on the savings you want to achieve and the technologies that will be upgraded. Talk about how they use energy across the organisation.
    Provide clear information to your staff. Prepare documentation that outlines what energy efficiency is and why it’s important.
  2. Highlight the benefits to staff
    Reducing energy consumption will have immediate cost savings for your business – helping to reduce maintenance, increase safety, improve working conditions and differentiate it from competitors. Show your staff how it helps them.
  3. Ask for help
    Staff are often very familiar with the processes and facilities within your business. Ask them for help to develop energy-efficient procedures. Discuss the potential impact of changes and the solutions that could help you mitigate difficulties. You might delegate specific tasks to individuals.
  4. Seek support
    Enlist the help of managers and senior staff to implement energy efficient solutions. Make sure each of these staff members has a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve.
  5. Develop an energy efficiency plan
    Develop a plan which encourages energy efficient behaviour, sets out your energy targets and documents relevant procedures which will enable staff to reduce energy consumption. The plan should be simple and incorporate baseline information, goals, targets and your priorities. 
  6. Set targets
    Understand your energy benchmarks and set targets for all staff to contribute to. Embed these targets into key performance indicators and measure them regularly. Most importantly, make staff aware of how you’re tracking, celebrate when a target is met and recognise their contribution.

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Page last updated: 16 November 2016