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Cultural heritage publications

Conservation management plan - pending finalisation

Garigal National Park - draft conservation management plan for Bantry Bay Explosives Magazine Complex

Kosciuszko National Park - Currango Historic Precinct draft conservation management and interpretation plan

Myall Lakes National Park - Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse - draft conservation management plan
This draft plan outlines NPWS plans to manage this historic lighthouse for recreation and tourism whilst maintaining the integrity of the site.

World Heritage Nomination - Australian convict sites including the Old Great North Road
The Australian Government, in partnership with state and territory governments, is preparing a nomination for World Heritage listing of 11 of Australia's convict sites. The part of the Old Great North Road in Dharug National Park is one of four sites in New South Wales included in the nomination.

Policy - final

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Consultation requirements for proponents 2010.
These requirements are for people seeking an approval under Part 6 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act. The guidelines explain the requirements for consultation when a proposed activity will affect Aboriginal objects or places.

Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Places Policy (120898ARHPP.pdf 133KB).
This policy provides guidance to NSW Parks and Wildlife staff to inform planning and the use of heritage assets on-park.

Code of Practice for Archaeological Investigation of Aboriginal objects in NSW
The code supports the process of investigating and assessing Aboriginal cultural heritage

Operational Policy: Protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage (110396oppolach.pdf, 239 KB)
This document provides an operational framework for OEH staff regulating Aboriginal cultural heritage, which is practical, legally appropriate and consistent across the state.

Guide to Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit Processes and Decision-making (110397guideahipprocess.pdf, 577 KB)
This guide aims to ensure OEH decisions on Aboriginal heritage impact permits (AHIPs) are transparent and defensible and that any AHIPs issued are appropriate, reasonable and enforceable.

Please note that the Operational Policy and Guide to AHIP Processes are internal OEH policy documents to assist staff in their cultural heritage regulatory activities.

Please see section on Protecting Aboriginal objects and places for further information on how OEH regulates impacts to Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Working to Protect Aboriginal Culture and Heritage (110760ProtACH.pdf, 1.5 MB)
A guide illustrating the ways OEH commits to the 'Aboriginal people, the environment and conservation principles' of spirituality and connection, cultural resource use, wellbeing, caring for Country and doing business with Aboriginal people.

Cultural heritage books

A history of the Aboriginal people of the Illawarra
This book provides a thematic history of the Aboriginal people in the Illawarra area, south of Sydney, from 1770 to 1970.

A multicultural landscape: national parks and the Macedonian experience
This book focuses on the significance of Royal National Park to Sydney's Macedonian community. Download a copy, or order from the Government Online Bookshop.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Regional Studies: an illustrative approach
This report presents a general approach to conducting an assessment of Aboriginal cultural heritage at a regional scale.

Aboriginal Cultural Values of Macquarie Marshes and Gwydir wetlands: Archaeological component
Wetlands in western NSW have a deep history of Aboriginal settlement and contain a range of Aboriginal cultural heritage sites. Download this report which characterises and assesses Aboriginal heritage sites in two iconic wetlands in inland NSW.

Aboriginal Cultural Values of Macquarie Marshes and Gwydir wetlands: Oral history component
Oral history interviews with Aboriginal community members reveal a rich Aboriginal history of the Macquarie Marshes and Gwydir Wetlands, two iconic wetlands in western NSW. These oral histories provide an important context for understanding Aboriginal cultural values of these wetlands.

Aboriginal heritage and wellbeing
Download this book, which sheds light on the value of the Aboriginal women's heritage series to its participants.

Aboriginal people living and working on the NSW coast - A historical review
This resource paper considers how Aboriginal people used particular coastal places and landscapes in the recent past.

Aboriginal scarred trees in NSW - a field manual
Download this book, which aims to help record Aboriginal scarred trees and distinguish between Aboriginal scarring and scars that are the result of natural processes such as tree disease and lightning strikes.

Aboriginal women's fishing in NSW - annotated bibliography
Download this document, which lists resources for people interested in researching historical material regarding Aboriginal women's fishing in NSW

Aboriginal women's fishing in NSW - a thematic history
Download this book, which discusses the fishing practices and traditions of Aboriginal people in NSw, with a particular focus on women

Aboriginal women's heritage - Ballina and Cabbage Tree Island
Download this book, in which twelve Aboriginal women from Ballina and Cabbage Tree Island tell of their experiences living and working on the far north coast of NSW.

Aboriginal women's heritage - Bourke
Download this booklet, in which ten Aboriginal women describe their experiences of living and working around Bourke in the state's north west.

Aboriginal women's heritage - Brungle & Tumut
Download this booklet, in which nine Aboriginal women describe their experiences of living and working around Brungle and Tumut in the Snowy Mountains area of NSW.

Aboriginal women's heritage - Nambucca
Download this book, which uses oral history interviews to map the relationship between Aboriginal women and the coastal landscape of the Nambucca Valley.

Aboriginal women's heritage - Nepean
Download this book, in which seven Aboriginal women talk about growing up and living in the areas surrounding the Nepean River in Sydney's west. 

Aboriginal women's heritage - Nowra
Download this booklet, in which nine Aboriginal women describe their experiences of living and working around Nowra on the NSW south coast.

Aboriginal women's heritage - Port Stephens
Download this booklet, in which nine Aboriginal women describe their experiences of living and working around Nowra on the NSW south coast.

Aboriginal women's heritage - Wollongong
Download this booklet, in which nine Aboriginal women describe their experiences of living and working around Wollongong on the NSW south coast.

After Captain Cook: the archaeology of the recent Indigenous past in Australia
This volume describes recent research on the historical archaeology of Aboriginal Australia, and the shared history of Aboriginal and settler Australians after 1788. Find out more, and buy the publication on other websites.

Challenges in the Landscape: Memories of conserving historic heritage in the NSW park system, 1967-2000
This publication draws together historical documentary sources and oral interviews with nine current and former NPWS employees to explore the history of the Service's management of its historic heritage places.

Cultural Landscapes: A practical guide for park management
This guide was produced to assist NSW park managers in identifying, assessing, managing and interpreting cultural values across broad landscapes.

Hill End - an historic Australian goldfields landscape
This book, commissioned by the NPWS, integrates Hill End's landscape and architecture, its artefacts and relics and the personal histories of its current occupants and those long departed. It can be purchased online.

In sad but loving memory
This booklet describes the cemeteries where Aboriginal people in NSW were buried over the last 220 years and explains the special significance these places have for Aboriginal people today.

Indigenous kinship with the natural world
Download this report, which describes the social and religious affiliations Aboriginal people have towards plant and animal species, and outlines the implications of this 'totemism' for land management programs.

Life Under the Light: Lighthouse Families of NSW
Download or purchase this richly illustrated book which provides evocative accounts of families working, raising children and carrying out domestic life within the harsh but beautiful natural environment of the lightstations.

Living Land Living Culture Aboriginal Heritage and Salinity
This 90-page illustrated book is based on a two year research project to investigate the impact of salinity on Aboriginal culture and heritage in NSW.

Lost but not forgotten - a guide to methods of identifying Aboriginal unmarked graves
This NPWS publication helps Aboriginal communities, NPWS staff, consultant archaeologists and others to locate and conserve unmarked Aboriginal graves.

Mapping attachment: a spatial approach to Aboriginal post-contact heritage
This 'cultural mapping' study shows how Aboriginal people in NSW 'possess' their local landscapes by imprinting them with their life stories, histories, memories and emotions. Buy a copy from the NSW government's online bookshop.

Moving landscapes - national parks and the Vietnamese experience
This book looks into Vietnamese-Australian understandings of natural and cultural landscapes, and use of national parks by people of this cultural background. Download a copy.

Murni, Dhungang, Jirrar: Living in the Illawarra - Aboriginal people and wild resource use
This book is about Aboriginal people's uses of plants and animals in the Illawarra area, south of Sydney.

Place-making in national parks: ways that Australians of Arabic and Vietnamese background perceive and use the parklands along the Georges River, NSW

This book gives an insight into what the parks look and feel like to recent migrants and reveals how activities like picnicking, walking, fishing and even jet-skiing are critical in providing a sense of belonging. For many of the interviewees, these activities have been their first experience of the Australian natural environment.

Re-gendering the landscape in NSW
Download this report, which considers the many ways by which landscape and gender are understood and represented.

Remembering Country: history and memories of Towarri National Park
Towarri National Park in the upper Hunter Valley was home and workplace to many people before it became a national park in 1998. Download this book, which celebrates their lives and their connection to the landscape.

Revival, Renewal and Return: Ray Kelly and the NSW Sites of Significance Survey
This publication reflects upon the career of the service's first Aboriginal employee, in particular his work on the documentation of Aboriginal heritage across NSW.

Shared Landscapes: archaeologies of attachment and the pastoral industry in NSW
This book tracks tracking the history of pastoral land-use changes in NSW, and presents new ways of understanding historic heritage in settler societies. You can purchase the book online.

Social significance: a discussion paper
Download this paper, which reviews the last three decades of NPWS cultural heritage research and management and suggests a more fluid approach to the assessment of cultural significance.

Talk to Print - a step-by-step guide to publishing oral history
Download this guide, which is designed to help Aboriginal people and Aboriginal organisations carry out and publish their own community-based oral history projects.

Talking history: oral history guidelines
These guidelines bring together theoretical and practical information to help researchers design and undertake oral history projects. Download a copy.

The sea and the rock gives us a feed
Download this study into the Gumbaingirr people's use of wild foods and medicines over the last 50 to 100 years in a small town on the NSW mid-north coast.

There were always people here: a history of Yuraygir National Park
This publication relates the history of the landscape of Yuraygir National Park

Cultural heritage report - final

Guy Fawkes River National Park - wild horses heritage study
Following a horse culling operation in Guy Fawkes River National Park in October 2000, a working party was formed to study the heritage value of wild horses in the park. Download the working party's final report on this difficult issue.

High country heritage: cultural heritage themes for the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative in NSW
What are the significant cultural and spiritual values of the Great Eastern Ranges? High Country Heritage explores this ‘big’ question in relation to the NSW section of the Great Eastern Ranges conservation landscape. The report was prepared by Pam Dean Jones, Umwelt Environmental Consultants, as part of the development of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative.

Indigenous wellbeing - a framework for governments' Aboriginal cultural heritage activities
A report examining government policies relating to wellbeing with a focus on Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park - history of Youdales Hut
Youdales Hut is a slab-sided mustering hut, built in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park around 1941. This publication is a thematic history and conservation assessment of the hut, drawing from archival material, oral information and other sources.

Sharing kinship with nature: how reconciliation is transforming the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
This project aims to show how the work practices of field staff such as rangers and area managers can recognise and adopt aspects of Aboriginal kinship with the natural world.

Threatened species recovery planning and Aboriginal community involvement
This discussion paper outlines some practical steps that can be taken to embed Aboriginal cultural values into NPWS decision-making during future recovery planning.

Wellbeing: a framework for Aboriginal cultural heritage activities
Report by the Allen Consulting Group, May 2006. The report presents a compilation of government policies, strategies and planning documents that address Aboriginal people's wellbeing.

Women and landscape - western parks project
Download this historical study of women and outback landscapes in western NSW. The report focuses on Mungo and Willandra national parks.           

National park management and conservation

Park management plan - final

Conservation management and cultural tourism plan for NPWS lighthouses
Download this plan, which explains how the NPWS will protect the cultural heritage values of the historic lighthouses it manages, while still giving people the opportunity to enjoy these powerful monuments.

Hill End Historic Site - master plan
This plan which will inform and drive the current and future management of the site as a 'living community'. Adopted September 2003.

Kinchega National Park - conservation management plan for former pastoral station sites
Adopted September 2002.

Mimosa Rocks National Park - conservation management plan for the Penders site
This plan guides the management of 'Penders', the holiday retreat of architect Roy Grounds and Ken Myer, which is now part of Mimosa Rocks National Park.

Mungo National Park - historic heritage plan
Mungo National Park lies on the site of two old pastoral stations. Download the conservation management and cultural tourism plan for the park's wealth of historic heritage.

Quarantine Station
Download these plans, which set the direction for the management of the North Head Quarantine Station in Sydney Harbour National Park.

Royal National Park - cabins conservation management plan
There are around 200 historic cabins in Royal National Park, occupied for short-term recreational use. Download this plan, which guides NPWS policy development for the cabins.

Sydney Harbour National Park - Quarantine Station conservation management plan
Adopted 2000. Download this plan, which sets the direction for conservation of the North Head Quarantine Station in Sydney Harbour National Park.

Sydney Harbour National Park - Quarantine Station detailed area conservation management plan
Adopted 2001. This is the second in a series of documents which aim to help determine the cultural significance and management strategies for the Quarantine Station at North Head.

Conservation management plan - final

Barrenjoey Headland Precinct - conservation management plan

Botany Bay National Park, Meeting Place Precinct

Dharug National Park - Old Great North Road conservation management plan
This plan was adopted in March 2005. To view a copy of the plan please contact the Gosford office. 

Kosciuszko National Park Huts Conservation Strategy 

Royal National Park - proposed boatramp at Bonnie Vale
Includes the review of environmental factors, heritage impact statement and conservation management plan related to this proposal. Adopted May 2001.

Brochures and factsheets

Cultural heritage research prospectus Follow the link and go to paragraph two, to find out how you can work with OEH on cultural heritage research projects.

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