Culture and heritage


Corporate history

How has cultural heritage management practice changed since the creation of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in 1967? What lessons does OEH's history provide for our current conservation practice?

The organisation's role in managing Aboriginal (statewide) and settler Australian (on-park) cultural heritage over the last four decades constitutes an important part of the history of cultural heritage conservation in NSW and Australia generally. Our research focuses on the historical development, and a critical understanding, of conservation approaches to cultural heritage management.

NPWS look over the plans for the restoration of Roto House in Macquarie Nature Reserve
Visitors inspect a wattle and daub hut at Hill End Historic Site
Cowan Creek from Regional Office lookout, 1941

Research projects

What was the contribution of the NSW NPWS Sites of Significance Survey (1973-1983) to our understanding of the history of Aboriginal cultural heritage protection in NSW? This history, undertaken between 2002 and 2005, examines the pioneering work of the survey, charting the adventures, ambitions and achievements of those involved in the context of the political and social mores of the time.

A history of historic heritage management within the NPWS/OEH has been prepared to fulfil requirements under Section 170 of the NSW Heritage Act 1977. The history is based on archival research and interviews with NPWS head office and field staff, as well as four case studies of important heritage places.

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