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Research resources for Aboriginal heritage

The conservation of Aboriginal heritage is moving from a ‘site based’ approach to one that emphasises past lifestyles. The object of this ‘cultural life’ approach is to ensure that all aspects of past Aboriginal cultural life in NSW are covered by our heritage protection system. Some aspects of past life may best be conserved in the form of objects (e.g. stone artefacts) and some others as Aboriginal Places (e.g. sacred waterholes or old mission sites). A collection of resource sheets and papers have been designed to help us think about the particular heritage ‘footprint’ of each aspect of past Aboriginal cultural life and determine how best they can be conserved and continue to be part of the lived Aboriginal culture in present-day NSW.

These resource sheets and papers point to the heritage places and landscapes that represent aspects of past Aboriginal life in NSW. Other resource sheets and papers will be added to the website as they are completed.

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Page last updated: 12 December 2012