Code of Practice under the Coastal Protection Act 1979 - Consultation Draft

Comments are being sought on this draft Code of Practice (130212Draftcopcoast.pdf, 75KB).

The main changes in the draft Code compared to the current Code (121009copcoast.pdf, 205KB) are:

  • updating the authorised locations where these works can be placed to reflect all areas where properties are currently known to be at risk from erosion
  • removal of safety requirements, as landowners should manage safety risks to meet the requirements under the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • increasing the allowable height of the works from 1.5 to 2.2 metres
  • allowing temporary works to be placed in front of any existing works (previously prohibited)
  • relaxing the specifications for the sand used in sandbags
  • requiring all sandbags to have a volume of 0.75 cubic metres when filled and to be made from geotextile fabric (no longer allowing smaller woven polypropylene bags), as the smaller bags previously permitted may be too readily damaged and become dangerous.

Development of this draft Code was informed by a Use of Sandbags for Coastal Protection – Draft Revision 1 report  (DraftWRLreport.pdf, 790KB) prepared by the Water Research Laboratory of the University of NSW.

More information: Coastal management documents

Public consultation

Public exhibition for this document was from 4 April 2013 to 19 April 2013.

Public consultation for this document has ended.

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