Small-scale photography and wedding filming: online registration

Annual Registration is available for only:

  • commercial small-scale stills photography
  • wedding filming and photography


Commercial filming

Commercial filming means any filming or photography for "sale, hire or profit" (as per Part 2 of the NPW Regulation). Commercial photography includes images for magazines, postcards, commercial websites, promotional material, books and advertisements and the commercial photography of private events, including professional wedding photography.

Small-scale filming

Small-scale filming is filming or photography that involves a maximum of one camera operator and one assistant; requires only low level equipment use (i.e. backpackable equipment; single tripod); does not use structures, film sets or professional talent; does not exclude an area from use by other users, and has negligible potential to impact on a park environment (wedding photography and speculative work generally falls into the small-scale filming category).

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Page last updated: 23 February 2018