Biodiversity certification and banking in coastal and growth areas

This paper explains how the new concepts of "biodiversity certification" and "biodiversity banking" will operate in areas where high population growth and economic development are transforming the landscape and causing irreversible biodiversity loss.

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New South Wales has lost around 80 species of native plants and animals over the past two centuries, with around 1000 more species heading the same way. The NSW Government is determined to reverse this process.

The challenge is to continue providing the community with housing, jobs and amenities while conserving biodiversity for the future.

To bring our socio-economic objectives and biodiversity conservation objectives into harmony will require better and more effective decision-making. The proposed changes seek to:

  • correct the market's failure to recognise important biodiversity values in land prices
  • create new opportunities for private sector conservation management of land, to complement the state's national parks and other protected areas.

Comment on this paper

This paper sets out the broad parameters of the new direction and invites comments or suggestions. These should be sent to:

Deputy Director-General
Environment Protection and Regulation Division
NSW Department of Environment and Conservation
PO Box A290, Sydney South NSW 1232

The closing date for submissions is 30 September 2005. Further consultation will occur as the program is rolled out.

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