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Conservation agreements and wildlife refuges - taking the next step

Have you have read the information on conservation agreements and wildlife refuges on this website? Would you like to take the next step, and apply for one of these options for your property?

The key stages in the negotiation and preparation of conservation agreements and wildlife refuges are shown below.

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right arrow Option agreed by landholder & DEC   Negotiation & preparation of documentation   Signatures & registrations
Landholder completes application form (see below). blank 1.Desktop assessment of conservation value
2.Site visit
3.Confirmation of tenure.
  Most suitable option for land and landholder is agreed, or other options are suggested for the landholder.   Conservation agreement: conservation area is identified; agreement (including management strategies) is prepared.

Wildlife refuge: zones of management are identified; management scheme is prepared; gazettal papers are prepared.
  Conservation agreement: agreement is signed and registered on land title; local council is notified for rate exemption calculation.

Wildlife refuge: gazettal papers are signed; refuge is noted on land title.

More information

Download a more detailed factsheet on the application and assessment process (PDF 45KB)

Apply to have your property assessed

If you would like to take the next step, you will need to apply to have your property assessed for a conservation agreement or wildlife refuge. You can get an assessment application form below, or you can contact us and we'll post a form out to you.

If you're not ready for a conservation agreement or wildlife refuge, and would prefer an option with less commitment, you may be interested in one of our property registration schemes.

Please fill in the form below if you would like to download a property assessment form for a wildlife refuge or conservation agreement.

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