Senna acclinis - endangered species listing

Senna acclinis (F. Muell.) Randell is listed as ENDANGERED on the schedules of the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act. Two major sources were used in deciding to list the species at the introduction of the Threatened Species Conservation Act in 1995:

1. The Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (ROTAP) list

The ROTAP list identifies plants that are at risk nationally. It's the result of research by botanical experts, who started developing the list in 1979. A number of plant species on ROTAP have been listed as vulnerable, endangered or presumed extinct in the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act.

2. NPWS review of plants across the state

The NPWS developed a draft threatened plant list for NSW, using standardised risk assessment criteria. This project was used to:

  • develop the initial plant listings for the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act
  • revise the assessment of several species that had been identified as rare or threatened in ROTAP.


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More information

This species was listed as endangered prior to the establishment of the NSW Scientific Committee in 1996. The Scientific Committee is now responsible for maintaining the schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act and listing new threatened species.

Page last updated: 28 February 2011