Confirming energy savings

Confirming energy savings

Measurement and Verification Operational Guide

The Measurement and Verification (M&V) Operational Guide has been developed to help translate M&V theory into successful M&V projects.

M&V is the process of using measurement to reliably determine actual savings for energy, demand, cost and greenhouse gases within a site, by an energy conservation measure (ECM).In essence, M&V is intended to answer the question, ‘How can I be sure I’m really saving money?’.

M&V enables:

  • the calculation of actual savings for projects that have high uncertainty or highly variable energy consumption characteristics
  • the verification of installed performance against manufacturer claims
  • a verified result which can be stated with confidence and can prove return on investment
  • the demonstration of performance where a financial incentive or penalty is involved (e.g. EPC)
  • effective management of energy costs
  • the building of robust business cases to promote successful outcomes.

The Operational Guide

The guide consists of two process guidebooks, seven application-specific guidebooks, and an M&V project planning template.

By following this guide you will be implementing the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP ®) across a typical M&V process. Practical tips, tools and scenario examples are provided to assist with decision making, planning, measuring, analysing and reporting outcomes.

Download process guidebooks

The best practice M&V process guide provides guidance that is common across all M&V projects. Practitioners new to M&V should start with the Process Guide to gain an understanding of M&V theory, principles, terminology and the overall process.

The suggested M&V planning process guide assists both new and experienced practitioners to develop a robust M&V plan for your energy savings project, using a step-by-step process for designing an M&V project.

Application-specific guidebooks

The guidebooks provide guidance on how to plan and conduct M&V for specfic technologies. They should be used in conjunction with the planning process guidebook to understand application-specific considerations and design choices.

Project planning template

A Microsoft ® Excel tool is available to assist practitioners to capture the key components for a successful M&V Plan:

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Page last updated: 08 September 2016