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How service providers can get involved in the ESS

As a provider of energy efficient products and services there are several ways you can become involved in the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

The aim of the ESS is to reduce electricity and gas costs and consumption in New South Wales. Through the ESS, businesses who successfully implement energy saving projects can claim financial incentives, known as Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs)

ESCs can only be created by an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP). ESCs can then be traded or sold to a liable entity. Liable entities are electricity retailers, generators and wholesale customers operating in New South Wales, who are required by legislation to participate in the scheme.

There are numerous methods for energy efficiency under the ESS. The details of each method are available of the ESS website.

An ACP is responsible for ensuring every implemented project they claim ESCs for meets the compliance requirements of the scheme.

How to get involved

As a provider of energy efficient goods and services there are two ways to get involved in the ESS:

1. Become an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP)

Benefits of being an ACP

Being an ACP, has a number of benefits including:

  • Eligibility to create and sell ESCs.
  • Inclusion in a government scheme supporting energy efficiency technology and service providers.
  • Ability to offer discounted prices to customers for upgrading to energy efficient equipment.

Resources supporting ACPs

We have developed a tool for the Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification method to make it easier for ACPs to access the ESS.

The PIAM&V tool is available for free to download.

ACP Directory

ACPs can register to be listed for free on our ACP directory. The ACP directory helps businesses and households to locate a suitable ACP to assist with implementing energy efficiency projects under the ESS.

About becoming an ACP

  • ACPs are able to create ESCs for implementing eligible energy saving projects in business, government and residential sites in NSW.
  • ACPs must ensure all projects they claim energy savings for meet the compliance requirements of the scheme.
  • All liable entities and ACPs are audited for ongoing compliance.

2. Partner with an ACP

If becoming an ACP isn’t the right option for your business, for example you don’t implement enough energy efficiency projects to justify becoming accredited, you can still be involved in the ESS.

Your business can partner with an existing ACP whom can assist you with the compliance requirements of the scheme and register the ESCs generated for the project. They usually charge a fee for these services.

Find an ACP to partner with to implement energy efficient projects under the ESS.

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Page last updated: 20 December 2018