10-year Sustainability Achievement Award

Honours past winners who are still leading on environmental practice ten years later.

This award is a ‘Best of the Best Award’ that honours winners from the 2008 Green Globe Awards who demonstrate long-term environmental achievements and successful program delivery and outcomes between 2008 and 2018.

Nominees for this award is by invitation only. 

2018 Green Globe Award winner


Shipwreck Park, StocklandStockland has been at the vanguard of market-leading design and delivery of sustainable places – retail centres, residential communities and retirement villages – for over a decade.

Their record is based on achievement, going beyond mandatory requirements to achieve the most Green Star rated retail centres and retirement living villages, and the most Green Star rated residential communities in Australia.

Commitment to sustainability began back in 2006 with the launch of Stockland’s corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy. One year later, the company was listed on the Dow

Jones Sustainability Index, and efforts have led to Dow Jones’ ratings as the world’s most sustainable real estate company in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Stockland’s Climate Change Action Plan reflects its achievement as global leader in climate action on the CDP Climate A-list in 2016 and 2017.

Liveable communities is the key, with innovative projects including Australia’s largest rooftop solar installation at Stockland Shellharbour, and Aura, its largest master planned community, achieving the highest Green Star Communities Rating – World Leadership – of any greenfield community in Australia.


Crystal Creek Meadows 

Crystal Creek Meadows - 5 kW solar system collects rainwater and protects firewoodReducing waste and saving energy might not sound like something you’d want to do on holidays – but guests at Crystal Creek delight in being part of innovative and exciting programs to boost sustainability, support local food producers, and conserve local wildlife and its precious environment.

Proprietors Sophie and Christopher Warren believe in providing the best possible holiday for guests at their Kangaroo Valley cabins, with the philosophy of going above and beyond basic sustainability programs. Guests are encouraged to join the Warrens in reducing waste, saving energy, and restoring the land … small things such as saving food scraps for chicken feed and compost, through to enthusiastically participating in tree-planting activities. Savings on water and energy consumption flow through to help local orphan wombats and brush-tailed rock wallabies.

It's been a huge success, with the resort showing a 28% cut in total energy use (electricity, LPG, petrol, firewood) – added to a 100% rain harvested water supply and an aerated water treatment for sanitation. Energy from the sun powers the property.

The Warrens also created ‘My Green Butler’, a smart service to empower accommodation hosts and guests to conserve resources. Guests on the program use around a third less electricity and up to a quarter less gas and water.

The program is now shared with leading destinations such as the City of Sydney and Kangaroo Valley.


Mirvac House with no bills construction siteAt Mirvac, driving positive change is an intrinsic part of its operations.

Through its assets across the office, retail, industrial and residential portfolios, Mirvac is a leader in measuring and improving building performance, setting increasingly challenging energy, water and waste reduction targets. It recognises that the built environment accounts for 25% of national emissions and reduction to this help all Australians.

One significant achievement during the last 10 years was launching the strategy, This Changes Everything in 2014, guiding Mirvac to further evolve as a sustainable business.

Improvements include developing a renewable energy company, and building a world-first House with No Bills. Today, 95% of construction waste is recycled, Mirvac measures its social return on investment, and has agreed on its first Reconciliation Action Plan.

Mirvac is committed to being net positive in carbon emissions and water by 2030, and to send zero waste to landfill by 2030.

The company aims to triple community investment by 2022, getting behind businesses and programs that build supportive, connected and socially cohesive communities. This dovetails with a strong ongoing commitment to supporting employees’ paid volunteer leave.