Premier's Award for Environmental Excellence

A special honour for an exceptional finalist in this year’s awards.

This award is a ‘Best of the Best Award’ presented to the most outstanding nomination from across all of the 2018 Green Globe Award categories.

The recipient is chosen for their exceptional leadership, vision and innovation, and for showing courage and conviction in overcoming obstacles to deliver outstanding benefits to the environment, community and economy. 

2018 winner

ClearSky Solar Investments

ClearSky Investments volunteer team

Leading the fight against climate change, engaging the community and rewarding innovation. These values make ClearSky Solar Investments an outstanding recipient of this award.

ClearSky has driven growth in solar energy, tapping into the community’s growing interest in renewable sources and translating it into investment and opportunity. ClearSky directors Christina Kirsch and Warren Yates developed an IT based solution to allow even small investors to participate. So far, 250 investors have joined up with more than $600,000 returned in revenue.

A not-for-profit organisation, ClearSky is an inspiration to community energy groups, academic sector, councils and businesses around the country. It has raised over $3 million to fund installations on 30 sites, bringing lower energy costs for businesses and reduced carbon emissions. Participating businesses are expected to save at least $8 million in energy costs over the lifetime of the installations, and the environment will avoid at least 75,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

ClearSky shows vision and innovation, along with the courage and conviction to overcome obstacles and deliver outstanding results.

"We set up ClearSky because we wanted people to know that solar power made good sense economically and environmentally and that you didn't need your own roof to participate. Our achievements represent a good news story that having a Green Globes Award would really help us get out to the wider community."
Warren Yates, Director, ClearSky Solar Investments