Premier's Award for Environmental Excellence

A special honour for the most outstanding winner this year.

This award is a ‘Best of the Best Award’ presented to the most distinguished nomination from across all of the 2019 Green Globe Award categories.

The recipient is chosen for their exceptional leadership, vision and innovation, and for showing courage and conviction in overcoming obstacles to deliver outstanding benefits to the environment, community and economy. 

2019 winner

Green Connect: More Jobs, Less Waste, Fair Food

Two Green Connect staff members with their Green Globe awardsGreen Connect is a triple sustainability success, achieving strong environmental, social and economic outcomes. The Illawarra-based social enterprise addresses three urgent problems: unemployment, waste, and unsustainable food. Green Connect provides unemployed youth and refugees meaningful work in waste recovery and at its organic farm to help these groups gain the necessary skills to access the local job market.

It is actively improving the environment and strengthening the community with each person it helps to find long-term employment. For every $1 Green Connect receives in funding or donations, it returns $5 worth of benefits to the Illawarra region. Green Connect’s integrated sustainability project offers a replicable model to meet the environmental, economic and social challenges of the 21st century.

“For almost nine years, Green Connect staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to create jobs, reduce waste and grow fair food. This award is wonderful recognition of the contributions of many to use a business to bring about incredible social and environmental good. We hope our work will inspire others because in the face of so many global challenges, everyone can do something. Find your something.”
Kylie Flament, General Manager Green Connect