Regional Sustainability Award

Celebrates people and organisations making a difference in regional NSW.

This award is a ‘Best of the Best Award’ that celebrates the outstanding achievements of an organisation, project or person who has come up with an original and successful initiative in regional or rural areas.

All nominees from the 10 open-for-nomination categories located outside greater metropolitan Sydney are automatically considered for this award.

2017 winner

Enova Community Energy: Enova Community Energy

Members of Enova Community Energy celebratingEstablished in 2016, Enova Community Energy made Australian history as the country’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer with around 1100 shareholders.

The group initially raised $4 million in capital and designed their business to maximise local job creation and recycle half the profits back into the community. Their model is one that can be re-created by communities across NSW.

Enova is a benefit for those who are setting up community-based renewable energy projects and trying to find a retailer who will buy their excess energy. While major retailers have not been interested in the past, Enova is not only keen to buy this power, but will also work with communities to help bring their renewable energy projects to life.

The company has started a local energy revolution by overcoming regulatory barriers and putting legal and compliance arrangements in place along the energy chain from power plant ownership, generation and distribution to retailing and purchasing.