Regional Sustainability Award

Celebrates people and organisations making a difference in regional NSW.

This award is a ‘Best of the Best Award’ that celebrates the outstanding achievements of an organisation, project or person who has come up with an original and successful initiative in regional or rural areas.

All nominees from the 10 open-for-nomination categories located outside greater metropolitan Sydney are automatically considered for this award.

2018 winner

Lord Howe Island Board: Lord Howe Island Weed Eradication Project

Lord Howe Island weed eradication project teamWorld Heritage Lord Howe Island is truly a miraculous place, with an island ecosystem of immeasurable natural value.

Invasive weed growth threatens the native and endemic plant species. An impressive Weed Eradication Project has been underway for the last 15 years – half way through a 30-year program.

The judges commended the Lord Howe Island Board for this community-driven initiative that uses local time and limited resources to achieve outcomes worthy of the island’s World Heritage listing.

There has been an 80% reduction in target weeds, 10 species have been completely eradicated, with 20 more close to elimination. Many hours have been spent removing more than 2.4 million weeds.

The island community is vital to the project. They receive information on weed issues, updates on progress and training and assistance with control methods. It has united the community, celebrating achievements and building knowledge to apply to other islands and ecosystems .

"Winning a Green Globe Award is a great chance to acknowledge the significant achievements of the weed eradication project led by Sue Bower. This award would not have been possible without the strong biodiversity and weed management plans."
Peter Adams, CEO, Lord Howe Island Board