Built Environment Award

Recognises the most sustainable building project for design and/or management in NSW.

This award recognises excellence and innovation in sustainable design, construction, retrofitting and operation of existing or new buildings, precincts and tenancies.

This may be for commercial, residential, heritage properties and infrastructure projects.

Nominations have now closed for the 2018 Green Globe Awards.

2017 Green Globe Award winner

City of Sydney: Smart Green Apartments

Interior of Finger Wharf, SydneyFor those living in apartment blocks, it can be difficult investing in energy, water and waste savings, because of the different interests of the building’s owners and those of the individual unit owners.

Sydney City Council is tackling this head on through its high-rise retrofit program called Smart Green Apartments, the most comprehensive of its type in Australia.

The program identifies opportunities for environmental savings in high-rise apartment buildings and should provide a retrofitting road map for similar buildings across Australia.

‘Understanding and navigating the necessary approvals needed under strata legislation can often be a major barrier to retrofitting,’ says the council’s sustainability engagement coordinator Kimberly Crawford.

‘We help participating buildings through the retrofitting process, and give support in getting the necessary approvals from owner corporations. We also help getting the energy savings certificates for relevant projects.’

Several buildings have started upgrades immediately after getting approval and have been able to show the savings to all owners through the use of a data portal provided by the program.