Business Leadership Award

Businesses that are leading the way in their industry to improve environmental outcomes.

This award recognises outstanding businesses that have integrated sustainable practices in all parts of their organisation from planning and operations to service and product delivery. This has added commercial value to their business as well as achieving environmental outcomes.

Open to NSW small, medium and large businesses.

2019 Green Globe Award winner

Sprout Stack: Environmentally Righteous Produce

Sprout Stack container with forkliftSprout Stack is pioneering commercial vertical farming and efficient agriculture in Australia. Sprout Stack grows chemical-free vegetables in a hydroponic system that is 95% more water efficient than traditional farming and uses 80% less fertiliser. Vegetables are grown in recycled shipping containers with each unit yielding the equivalent of one hectare of standard agricultural production. Sprout Stack uses renewable energy wherever possible and has created a near closed-loop system reusing waste material as a medium for growing mushrooms.



4 Pines Brewing Company - Highly Commended

4 Pines Brewing Company - spent grain being fed to cowsBased on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, 4 Pines Brewing Company is a certified B Corporation, meaning that it meets the highest global standards for social and environmental responsibility. The company has been particularly successful in reducing organic and plastic waste and it uses approximately 25% less water per litre of packaged beer than the industry average. In an industry first, the 4 Pines Community Solar Project saw individuals crowd-fund the brewery’s solar system for a guaranteed return, benefitting the company and the community.


Energy Culture

Energy n Culture electriciansEnergy Culture is taking the construction industry in a new direction by making sustainability its guiding principle. The electrical company specialises in helping residential and commercial clients reduce their energy consumption through practical measures and by utilising solar power and LED lighting solutions. Emphasising recycling, Energy Culture is justifiably proud of its outstanding efforts to minimise electrical waste; and of the leadership role it has taken in partnering with local environmentally-friendly businesses to co-promote sustainable services on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


Ferrero Australia: Partnering for a Sustainable Supply Chain

Representative from Ferrero Australia receiving tree from Premier Gladys BerejiklianFerrero Australia, maker of childhood favourites Nutella and Kinder Surprise, has committed to achieving 100% certified sustainable ingredients by 2020. Ferrero Australia’s demonstrated leadership in sustainable supply chain compliance, particularly in sourcing cocoa and palm oil, has seen it partner with Fairtrade and the Taronga Conservation Society to protect forests, support environmentally sound agricultural development, and improve living standards for farmers and their communities in Australia and internationally.


Investa: Australia's 1st Sustainability Tenant Toolkit

Investa Australia first sustainability tenant toolkitTenants control 50% of a building’s energy usage. With the launch of the Sustainability Tenant Toolkit, Investa is engaging with 850 businesses and more than 100,000 workers in its office buildings nationwide to help meet its 2040 target of net zero carbon emissions. The Toolkit provides information to companies and individuals to help them reduce their workplace carbon footprint. Investa has also made the Toolkit publicly available on a dedicated website to influence the industry more broadly.