Innovation Award

Recognises organisations for innovative thinking and pioneering solutions to help protect our environment.

This award recognises ground-breaking new environmental technology, design, research or process.

2019 Green Globe Award winner

Downer: Reconophalt

Downer-EDI 'reconophalt' made with toner cartridges, plastic bags and glass bottlesReconophalt is an asphalt alternative incorporating soft plastics, glass, toner cartridges and reclaimed pavement. In partnership with Close the Loop, Downer developed Reconophalt in response to an industry need to replace oil-derived bitumen with a sustainable product. It is more durable than asphalt, realises a 30% reduction in CO2 per 1km, and is perpetually recyclable. Downer has laid 41 Reconophalt roads throughout Australia repurposing 3.2 million glass bottles, 14 million plastic bags and toner from 327,000 cartridges.



Sprout Stack: The Future of Veggie Production - Highly Commended

Sprout Stack container with forkliftSprout Stack presents an innovative solution to the challenge of feeding a growing, increasingly urbanised population. As a commercial vertical farming pioneer, Sprout Stack grows hydroponic vegetables at its indoor farm in Brookvale using approximately 100 times less land and water than standard agriculture. With its minimal environmental impact and resistance to weather, Sprout Stack holds great promise for agriculture in water-poor and inclement environments as well as areas with limited land resources.


Solar Analytics: Solar Analytics Smart Monitoring

Solar Analytics teamSolar Analytics is a unique product that helps households maximise solar power generation. With up to 50% of Australia’s 2 million residential systems underperforming due to poor design and installation, shading and other problems, Solar Analytics can quickly spot faults by comparing actual with expected energy generation. The service also calculates the best battery size for a site, helping households make better solar investment choices. ARENA analysis shows Solar Analytics customers save an average of $144 annually on energy costs.


Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick Councils: Solar my School Program

Children of Maroubra Bay Public School, participants in Solar my SchoolLarge roofs and daytime energy demand make schools the ideal sites for solar power but the complexity of procurement and obtaining grant funding can be prohibitive. Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick Councils have developed Solar my School, an innovative, free program to streamline the process. The program also offers an educational component: teaching students how to build simple solar lights for overseas schools lacking electricity. Solar my School is now being rolled out across Sydney in partnership with eight other Councils.